For Sale/Barter: Old PS2 (Fat Model)

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For Sale/Barter: Old PS2 (Fat Model)

Post by resecnded x » Sat May 17, 2014 12:19 pm

This ps2 of mine has NOT been played for a long time, so it may be rusty, and this was bought before the age of the 1st nintendo ds and the next gen consoles we have right now; I am putting this up for sale on the basis that in its current condition, no game retailer will buy it for its shape

When I used this, I was in the realm of swap magic to play Jax & Daxter 2 and 3 (among some other games), so the front disc plate to this console is long gone, but I got rid of my swap magic discs (the regular ones and the coder ones (do not know why))

I am willing to barter to sell this console (you can use it as parts, part of a console mod, or fix it and hotwire it to do whatever, I don't care) on one condition: that you can dump all the BIOS files from it and send them to me (I seek to use them for PCSX2 emulator); the model number to this is SCPH-39001, and its also highlighted on its original box that its in; since the file uploading is failing since the "board attachment quota is reached", ill be putting these in a zip file and providing a dropbox link (pictures were taken with my ps vita, so they might not be all 4k HD or 480p like, ok?). The console will come with all of its cables that came with it (condition of video cable is a bit iffy, may or may not work), will come with a controller (left thumbstick pad is torn off because youth r-tard moments), but will NOT come with memory cards, as the data on those cards I seek to use with the ps2 classics that are on PSN

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