(WTT) a Game for a Game

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(WTT) a Game for a Game

Post by resecnded x » Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:06 pm

Ok, so I am kinda rushing this a bit, but this is just to capitalize on a promotion steam is doing. I ended up getting a code for a Ms.Splosion Man 360 game, but I do not want it nor do I want to play it, BUT, I figure I can trade it to someone who does want it.

I'm looking to trade this item (which has a retail price of $10) for Half Life 2, and their episode counterparts, HL2: EP1, and HL2: EP2 On steam (which after combining the cost, equals to $6.47); these games I want are on a promotion listing them as 75% off and will stay on this price for only 17 more hours; I may have the money to get these games, but I need to save it up for a new computer part I've been looking at for a while

If ANYONE is willing to take me seriously and is willing to do this trade (provided they have a 360 and will play the game or will just hand it off to someone who wants it), please reply; even though I have 17 hours till the promotion ends, I've been wanting to try out some mods for this game for a while (Also played the Half Life 1 remake, black mesa; I'm pretty caught up to the storyline atm, so I don't want half life 1 or its low-res dlc-ish counterparts)
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