Venturer PVS1977S Car DVD Player (2nd Screen) RGB hack.

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Venturer PVS1977S Car DVD Player (2nd Screen) RGB hack.

Post by Dark-Show » Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:46 pm

Been playing around with portable DVD players recently and i found the 2nd monitor add-on from a venturer car dvd player. Picked it up at value village for ~$5. Firstly i plugged it in to make sure it was working fine, then added composite input from my PSone, it worked fine, despite the terrible composite picture.

Tonight i disassembled the unit and found that the whole LCD Module is nicely compacted from the whole unit on a single ~4"x3" PCB nicely mounted to the backside of the LCD. It is a 16:9 switch-able LCD Module, so its not the prised pick i wish it was, but its a nbice screen none-the-less. Not entirely sure on the internal resolution as of yet though.

Back to the main topic. While studying the PCB I noticed a small "Sharp IR3Y29B" chip and looked up the datasheet. Pleasurable results yielded RGB inputs among other delights, Nicely illustrated and labelled in the diagram attached.

What do you people think about this screen?
Should I continue the modification?

EDIT: pictures of the screen are here, and the LCD module is ONLY lcd+black bored it is about .5" thick when taken from the rest of the unit." onclick=";return false;
Sharp IR3Y29B.jpg
Sharp IR3Y29B Diagram
Sharp IR3Y29B.jpg (44.09 KiB) Viewed 8325 times

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Re: Venturer PVS1977S Car DVD Player (2nd Screen) RGB hack.

Post by donbard58 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:50 am

Nice work,Dark-Show. You should continue with your modification. They are very interesting. I think you will make some other findings if you continue to do so. By the way, what kind of car dvd player are you using? Can your findings be applied to my car dvd players? How to do that? It's greatly appreciated if you answer these questions.

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Re: Venturer PVS1977S Car DVD Player (2nd Screen) RGB hack.

Post by wwwyzzerdd » Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:48 pm

Sorry to bump a somewhat old thread. I just happened to find a DAEWOO dpc-7301n portable dvd player that has a similar video encoder to yours.

I have no devices that output RGB so I have no way to test it, but I have an n64 that is capable of RGB, but before I do anything with it I wanted to see if you ever figured out anything with this. As I would love to use my n64 with this screen, and will regardless, but it would be super sweet to have something better than composite.

I appreciate any info that will help me set this up


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Re: Venturer PVS1977S Car DVD Player (2nd Screen) RGB hack.

Post by segasonicfan » Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:38 am

See my website on how to do this, I documented it some years back for a mod of the PSTwo "Game Glass" LCD: ... ations.htm" onclick=";return false;


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