(WTT) Code for Code (360 thing)

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(WTT) Code for Code (360 thing)

Post by resecnded x » Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:26 am

So, after failing at one thing, I'd like to trade a redeemable code for ms.splosion man (retail at $10), for a $10 xbox live money code so I can buy sonic adventure 2 from the marketplace

I tried getting that game when I had the money, but for some reason, it would error at every paypal transaction (only could do that since I couldn't directly link a gift card to my account at the time). I would buy the game on the ps3, but I already have it for the 360, and if I play one series on the 360, my pride demands that I stick with that console choice till the VERY end

So, its simple: reply if you are absolutely serious about this transaction and agree to it, and I will give you the game code to do with whatever you wish; I got this code during the McDonalds One Hot Holiday promotion
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