Need help finishing this long delayed Portable/Slacker64 WIP

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Need help finishing this long delayed Portable/Slacker64 WIP

Post by QuickSkope » Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:04 pm

Im redubing this the "Slacker64" in honor of how much effort I put into this over the past 2 years.

Some of you might remmeber me, but really I need help with this thing.

Currently its in the Guts stage:

Case: ZN-45 I think, got it as a free sample ages ago.
Not much else, just ask if you require deets.

Done and Not done:
Relocated the Cart Slot (No other trimming)
Wired N64 and Screen to Tact Switch
Wired Batteries to Tact Switch
Wired Charger port (Kinda, see below)
Gutted and Wired the Controller
Added a GC analog to the Controller

Not Done:
Trim the Ram Expansion Pak (Could use jumper, but wheres the fun in that?)
Trim the Card so that its seperated
Everything you can think of thats not in the "Done" Catagory
Big One: Case :S

I need some help with my Tact Switch

Thats what it looks like ATM, from what I remmeber about DSTP switches, they link the 2 vertical peices depending on which spot they are in (Correct me if Im wrong)

Before we go anyfurther id like to say that I used the Zenith Screen port for my power, and im not sure how the hell I charged these batteries 1-2 years ago.

Question 1: Can I use the Zenith Port and Powerbrick to charge my Batteries

Q2: In the spot where it says "Nothing ATM", if I CAN use the zenith brick, should I put the charger + there (Mirroring the bot side) or if I CANT, should I put another port for my Battery charger, and put it where the "Nothing ATM" sits.

I need help with chopping up this controller. Its a 3rd party controller, but iv heard all I should do is chop it up, and rewire directly onto the traces. I cant wire directly to the chip as 1) I have no clue about the part orientation 2) its covered in Rubber crap

Ill leave people to help me with this ATM, Might also want help chopping up this board a little more.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need help finishing this long delayed Portable/Slacker64 WIP

Post by iphone_addict » Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:38 pm

looks cool... i don't know if the tack diagram you posted is right or not. i do hope you can finish it. goodluck!!!!!

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