ZCP - classic controller use for games with rumble??

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ZCP - classic controller use for games with rumble??

Post by Gamerlolwind51649 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:47 pm

Hay everybody, gamerlolwind here
I'm busy working on my cardboard case idea bit by bit.

i received today the classic wii converter for pox/ps2 and classic controllers adapter to gc end.
it works really well for both ps2 and classic controller.

I'm thinking of using the classic controller over the ps2 having tried them both with zelda tp on my sdhc in swiss. i prefer classic over ps2 because it's smaller, light to hold and feels really good and easer than ps2.

i noticed the classic controller has no rumble in it. better not to have. but i have all my pal collection into isos on my sdhc card that i backup in clean rip on my wii then i shrinker them on my windows computer and added some to my sdhc 16gb.

i'll get an sdxc 64gb for christmas so i can add all my pal games i own (18 of them are pal) and extra games.

also i'll add a list of my pal games, can anyone tell me what games specially use rumble and may/may not be a problem with classic controller??

like i may/may not be able to play said game because CC doesn't have rumble and said game needs it to work etc.

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