Megadrive/Genesis Rewritable Flash Cart

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Megadrive/Genesis Rewritable Flash Cart

Post by sam_thornley » Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:46 pm

Discovered this the other day:

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Quite awesome. I'm considering getting one. I don't support piracy or anything like that (i have like 40+ megadrive games) but it would be nice to have a few games on the cart so you don't have to carry a bunch of games around with you. You could like hardwire this to a cartslot of a Genesis 3 or something, and have it built-in to a portable. With an external USB port for programming.

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Re: Megadrive/Genesis Rewritable Flash Cart

Post by Zeturi » Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:12 am

I just may do that. Hm... no cart slot... sounds like the solution I need. Thanks for posting this, it will be put to good use. :twisted:
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