Handheld Genesis 2 Ideas Wanted

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Handheld Genesis 2 Ideas Wanted

Post by crait » Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:27 pm

Alright, guys. I've got my hand held Genesis 2 completely set up. I just need to solder everything together and put it into an enclosure. I need some ideas for more stuff to add before I close it up! Anyone want to add any more mods to this list of stuff I'm gonna do?
• Back-Lit Screen.
• Screen Brightness
• Screen Color Saturation
• Screen Aspect Ratio
• Headphone Jack
• Speaker
• Speaker On/Off Switch
• On/Off Button with Rerouted LED from the LED on the board
• Composite Video-Out
• Rechargeable Battery
• Extended 2nd Controller Port
• Expanded and Mounted 1st Controller

Can you guys help me with more ideas? I don't really care about region hacking; What else should be added? Where can I look to get cool enclosures that may be big enough for a Genesis 2?
Also, I want to do some mods with the expansion port. Is there a pinout for that somewhere? I'd like to line some LED's or something to it.

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