Ubuntu Installation Blues

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Ubuntu Installation Blues

Post by johnbjuice » Thu Aug 02, 2007 11:40 am

After a long time of procrastination, I've finally decided to make my system a dual boot of XP and Ubuntu...but now I have a problem. (Damn laptops...)

When I boot Ubuntu off the disc, it works, but the resolution is set down to 640x480 and it won't display any other resolution...I have my computer set to 1024x768 in XP, but Ubuntu seems to think my screen is tiny. What drivers do I need or what do I need to do to fix this...I am unable to install Ubuntu because the button "continue" on the install window is off the screen and I can't move the window up enough to get to it. :?

Also, what would you recommend as a good bootloader? I've never done a dual boot system, but I miss Ubuntu from my old desktop...

- Juice 8)

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Post by parkie » Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:00 am

Well it really depends on the Graphics card. LIke i had the same problem with my linux but it was just cause the 3d accelleration was turned on. Try turning it off by system>Admin>resticted drives manger and then turn it off. If that doesn't work just find out your graihics card and google seach it for linux drivers... good luck

ps GRUB bootloader pwns

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