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Roll call!

Post by SpongeBuell » Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:21 pm

I saw an ancinet thread with the same title a while back on the old boards, and I thought I'd start a new one. Basically you say what you want about yourself, etc.

I'm Brian, AKA SpongeBuell. I'm 16 years old, male, from Minnesota. Besides portablizing, I enjoy doing stuff on my computer, (mostly hanging around here, actually :| ) biking, and going places with friends. I love video games and all, but the truth is that I absolutely suck at them. My favorite movies include Road To Perdition and Rain Man. For a job, I clean at my neighbor's office, but I occasionally do some computer stuff as well, such as testing programs for bugs and the like.

That's about all I can think of. No real order or format required, just post what comes off the top of your head.
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Post by RNS0504 » Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:29 pm

I'm Ryan AKA RNS0504 (initials, then birthday) Im 13 turning 14 (duh). Im from Melbourne FLA, and i like doing stuff like building computers, working on portables, playing games, and spending time on this board. For cash, i have yardsales (selling things i find in the trash like computers, tv's, chairs, desks, and other crap that my grandpa gives me. He repo's cars, and gets to keep all the personal items inside of them, like a PS2!) When i get older, i want to be a monster truck driver, or a repo-man!
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Post by Geebs61 » Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:53 pm

Ok, I'll bite...

I am Gary, also known as Geebs61(nickname and highschool football jersey number) I am 19 and I live in Salem, Oregon. I have been building computers since I was 11, and Programming since I was 13. I created 2 NES emulators, MarioNES and 80five. I also have made other electronics that I havent told any of you about before(I put a CD player inside an NES case, and wired the controls to the controller port. So the B button was previous track, A was next track, etc...). I recently quit my job because I was being treated like crap. And I am starting work in the real estate and loan business. My favorite move is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. and I know an ungodly amount of information about the 80's for someone who only lived through half of the decade. I also cant get a NES controller to work off my parallel port. The SNES controller does but the NES wont.(anyone has any help pm me) And recently I have developed an addiction to Ragnarok Online.[/b]
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Post by gannon » Wed Sep 22, 2004 9:27 pm

I suppose I might as well give a little info, although just looking up a whois search on my domain name gives most of the info (a heck of a lot more than I wish my domain server would give out!!!) :cry:

My name is ....... j/k, my name is Mike!!! :roll: I live near the big lake (literally, what's the biggest lake in the U.S. that you know of??? Oh yeah, and the oceans aren't lakes :? ) I love my little computer :) although I wish it wasn't so crappy :( I'm....dum.dum.duummm.....siebzehn!! 17!! I really like the Evangelion series, although I wish that they'd stop milking it out for all it's worth, and hopefully do a slightly better re-dub....I'm also a fan of foreign films because over the years american cinematography has become repetetive and boring :( I wish I would update my site more often than I do, but oh well. Oh yeah, and I've broken way more than my share of consoles, especially n64s :evil:

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Post by Sparkfist » Wed Sep 22, 2004 10:12 pm

I'm Nick (aka SParkfist, aka Gaudeamus). 20 years old, and I'm going to college this fall (I'm very scared). For the most part I when I get an opertunity I do one of my hobbies - Skiing, scuba diving, sailing, gaming, messing with electronics.

And Gannon I'm sure you'll be pleased to know there is a live-action Evangelion series being done in Japan. Also I too hate dub, and I believe that if someone chooses dub over sub there just lazy and ignorant.
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Post by s3ptic » Wed Sep 22, 2004 10:48 pm

Im Sean AKA s3ptic. I am 14 years old and live in Oakland CA. I love video games(even if I don't play them that often) I know my way around a computer pretty well. I enjoy programming, even if I'm not very good. I play on a soccer team as the only kid who doesn't speak spanish(interesting, but fun), I just started running cross country and so far I am really likeing it. I love working on my portable, and about a year ago I became hopelessly obssesed with the zodiac, and more specifically I spend a lot of my time on those forums these forums, and the Viciousbytes forums( A homebrew game development team.) I think thats about it.

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Post by Stooge » Thu Sep 23, 2004 2:16 am

Hi, Im am Hugh people call me Hoobs or Stooge. Im 8 years old J/K im 16 I just act like im 8.:D I live in Canberra (its the capital of Australia which is on the moon) I do crazy stuff like blow things up ocasionly and me and my friend made potato cannon, which is an illegal firearm overhere :twisted: Well all the girls hang off my sholders and say "oh Hugh your so sexy!" :lol: ....ah yeah right. I do have a g/f tho shes the best. Oh and I love cartoons like Fairly odd parents and Zim and heaps of others including a few animes like hellsing. I read comics too, Zim got me into slave labour and Johnny (so screwed up):roll: And alto I've gone off gameing lately I still love the classics like, my first game ever, Yoshi's Island (the gratest game ever made:P) so yeah, thats more stuff about me than anyone would want to know but Im high (not on drugs, just happy, drugs are also illegal here *shakes fist*) :D :D *HIGH FIVE!!!* :wink:

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Post by Black Six » Thu Sep 23, 2004 4:26 am

Ok, here goes. My name is Andrew, better known online as Black Six. Chances are if you see someone named Black Six, Black 6, Black-Six, Black6, or some other variation online, it's me. I've been interested in computers and video games for the 17 years of my life. I'm a diehard Mac user, with a dual 1.8 GHz G5, although I do conceed that sometimes one must use a PC, so I have one of them too. I'm a big fan of Bungie, who convinced me to buy an Xbox so I could play a little game called Halo. Less than 50 days until Halo 2!!! I'm also a Blizzard fan, and actually recently participated in the World of Warcraft Stress Test, it's gonna be an awesome game. I'm a senior in high school, I'm taking all Honors and AP classes, got a 1500 on my SATs (perfect score on math :) ) and plan on going to college next fall (Rennselaer is #1 on my list). I'm also a big SciFi/Fantasy fan, mainly Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Farscape, Stargate, Star Wars, and Star Trek. And I drive a 2001 Subaru Forrester with a 5-speed manual.
I guess that's about it, if there's anything else you want to know, PM me and I'll see about adding it.
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Post by JackFrost22 » Thu Sep 23, 2004 4:31 am

I'm Zack and thats my SOCOM II name. I love that game. I'm 13 going on 13 and I love running cross-country and playing lacorsse. AXC forever. I also am starting a company with some friends and will sell some products(vague I know) that all you will want. :shock:

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Post by MR.MOD » Thu Sep 23, 2004 2:07 pm

I'm Trenton(Trent) aka mr.mod. I am 14 and turning 15 on the 30th. I live in south eastern Minnesota. I've been interested in electroincs since I was 4 and my grandma gave me a radio to take apart(I wanted to make it into a robot :D) . I like making portables, chemestry, hacking electronics, finding out how stuff works, etc. I'm working on a Double Dragon arcade game. I used to clean my church and school with my family but now people volunter. I might get a job cleaning a business in my town. I think that's it.

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Post by cennar » Thu Sep 23, 2004 10:55 pm

Im Cennar, (Brad Lancaster) Im 18 i was boren in 1986.. in ontario canada. ive lived in many parts of canada including nova scotia, newfound land. and curently BC (best Weed on the planet) Ive moved out of my parents house the last year, ive been keeping my self in school and im going to be done soon.. not sure when. um and i like to make stuff kind of bussy now getting my life sorted out and figuring out how to live poor.. might sell weed, might end up in university... Im realy not sure whats next.. and i just had the best day of my life,

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Post by dragonhead » Fri Sep 24, 2004 7:41 pm

Hey im Simon Conway from Manchester, NH. AKA DragonHead, simon_C, dragoncast, JuniorZombie, etc. Mein Geburtstag ist der seibte März neunzehntausendneunundachtzig. I am 15 years old. I like video games, classic video games, computers, Macs, mountain biking, welding, motorcycles, cars, etc. As you've seen, i speak a little german (learning in school). I'm a die-hard audiophile and a SEGA fanboy. I have an xbox and dreamcast (torn apart), gba sp, and a NGPC. I have 3 computers, an Apple eMac: 700mhz 640mb ram 40gig HDD 32mb Vram cdrw 17" flat crt, an iMac: 500mhz 128mb ram 20gig HDD 16mb vram 15" crt, and a pc (built by me) : 933mhz 256mb ram 40gig HDD cdrw travan tape drive and 100mb zip drive dual monitors. My truck is a 93 dodge ram 150 pickup. I have a 20gb ipod filled with 1305 songs. almost all electronic/dance/trance music...
my email is

email me if you share interests. :D

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Post by xxxeagle » Fri Sep 24, 2004 8:57 pm

Hi my name is Tom aka xxxeagle my online name i cant tell you my real name becuase im in the witness protection program just kidding. I live in Philadephia PA i am a eaglesfan hence the name xxxeagle (long story im 14. I like computers videogames electronics bmxing baksetball and watching tv. I am intersted in modding consoles and making portables even though i never built one (i plan on it). This is one of my favorite websites. Iam planning on building a mame.
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Post by NiN^_^NiN » Fri Sep 24, 2004 9:44 pm

Hi My name is Matthew but everyone called me by my surname or matie online :P
I live in Melbourne Australia and im 21 years old.

Iv always been a little crap when it comes to electronics :oops: hehe as a kid i always opened things up and took them apart to see how they worked but then i never put it back together lol :wink:

My hobbies vary from Building mame cabinets to restoring 30+ year old arcade hardware and cabinets to new :)

I build a lot of little gadgets now and then as iv always been a inventor as a kid :P my first invention was a automatic tea bag dropper lol dont ask me how i came up with it

I like making portables but the lck of cheap LCDs in australia makes it very hard :( I like to think of new things and make cool stuff and im always a night person as i always get ideas for inventions etc at night :P

Im a bit wierd i guess as i dont like sport id rather play it and as my nickname NiN^_^NiN stands its taken from a Hentai movie the guy named NiN is about 3ft pervert ninja lol :twisted:

I love anime and i really like how its different and has indepth characters and plots.

I do watch some of the kids shows now and then if i see them on like Zim etc.

I really like the old japanese monster movies like gamera and all them there great movies and there very funny :)

I do watch a lot of a movies from other countrys like asia and italy french german russian etc as we have a tv channel called SBS and it plays movies from around the world :P

Ummmm i really like the japanese culture and im going to go to japan soon in my life to lay under a cherry blossom with a cute japanese girl :P well lets hope so :wink: hehe

Ok i'll shut my trap now ;)

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Post by pjmk » Fri Sep 24, 2004 9:54 pm

Hey I'm Paris AKA pjmk (or superpjmk, depending on which forum you're on). I'm 17 and I live in Long Beach, Mississippi. I've been programming since I was 11 and have made some strides in the Qbasic programming language (If you've ever used future or Relsoft graphic libs, chances are you've used some of my code 8) ). I've been conteplating portables since I was 13 and I've really wanted to build one, but I can't find a job :cry: ). I play tuba in the band (the big one). I also enjoy playing basketball, snowboarding, and making stuff (can't wait till I get my hands on an Xgamestation!)

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