E3 2011

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Re: E3 2011

Post by palmertech » Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:17 pm

Black Six wrote:That's why Nintendo's stock plummeted after the announcement of the Wii U, right? :P
I am not so sure about the WiiU, it might end up sucking. Kind of funny, though, that Nintendo is basically making a WVI, something that people here on Benheck seemed to pioneer. :P

The main reason I thought Nintendo had a great show was the slew of great 3DS titles they announced, not to mention giving a mention to there being a future crossplatform SSB title. Not the kind of stuff that rockets stocks, but it makes Nintendo fanboys like me happy. :) Microsoft is doing really well, sure, but they did not have anything that was really interesting, exciting, or surprising at E3.


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