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Post by Felino » Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:59 am

I agree. I have returned for one last look around really.

When i came here it was a hive of activity. Lots of new people trying stuff out, people looking on ec etc.

Now it is mainly old people making new stuff. Lots of random posts, and noobs coming in yelling "MAKERZ ME A PS360 WIF DIS $20 AND THIS RLY COOL GAME GEAR SCEEN I GOTERZ".

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Post by Gamelver » Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:48 am

bacteria wrote:Gamelver - nice project, however I have two concerns for it:

1) The GameCube is rather thick and bulky which would be rather uncomfortable to hold and use, even if the sides were 32mm or less for hand holding (the cube box would still get in the way). I know you can play the system with the cube between your legs, but as per Nintendo 64 Advance, this is fine but not ideal in comparison.

2) Wiring multiple systems together is hard. I found that on my Nintendo 64 Advance. Buttons just didn't respond until I made them independent controls using the same buttons. Having four systems together will be hard and might need some automatic switching chips to keep the buttons and controls separate between the systems (I have no experience of these). I don't have this problem on my current project as the systems are interchangeable, and you can only have one system in place at any one time (after all you can only play one system at a time). Just a suggestion, but how about making the project similar to my design concept? - you can still have the four systems that way (as I will), yet in a thin system.

Good luck. Any pics to tempt us with, at this stage? Which forum will it go into (it can't go into four forums at the same time after all)?

For the first thing: Huh :P? I don't use that gigantic cube much extra space, I got rid of pretty much everything I could. The GCp is actually quite comfortable to hold. As for your second comment, I've already tried the SNES/N64 together and it worked (after adding some resistors to parts so it fit within the working range for both systems. I'm just gonna use the SNES controller for the NES, and then it should work with the Radica controller (I have a joystick and d-pad, of course ;)). Also, I've found a way for the systems to fit in the case, with the cartridges sliding down the back of the case or sticking out of it; it should fit, but again that is the hardest part of the whole project, getting it all to work in the end :P.
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Post by Weebl » Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:03 pm

Welcome back. I haven't been active for a very long time (this is probably my first visit for a couple months), so I doubt you remember me, but anyways...good luck on your 4-in-1 portable. Sounds awesome.
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Post by johnbjuice » Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:41 pm

Well, I have stayed with the forums, despite the fact that my portable has not gotten much done...(well, nothing worth photographing). During the summer I'll do a lot and post it all. Just right So people, don't leave the forums. We'll miss you. I will...

Anyways, most people will probably be like "who the hell is that dude?" and stuff about me...Perhaps I will be a recognizable person eventually...(I have been here for about 2-3 years now...)

- Juice 8)

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Post by Triton » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:25 pm

speaking of gamecube i will have progress to show on mine before MGC! and i DO use the actual cube case on mine, and its only 3.5" thick!

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