new headache (Haier 7" LCD)

If you're making a portable you probably need something to watch it on. (Unless you want to guess what's happening in the game, but I wouldn't advise that) Anyway, this forum is your "Hacking a pocket TV/screen" one-stop solution. Share your experiences and knowledge here.

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new headache (Haier 7" LCD)

Post by no* » Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:00 pm

(this is my first project) On one of the console modding forums, someone recommended a haier portable tv as a screen which seemed like a really good buy because it was only 40$. But when I got it in the mail today, I realised that it was going to give me a lot of problems.

here is the screen:" onclick=";return false; ... 6889263090

The main problem is that it draws 1500mA of power which will severely cut down on the battery life, plus a 7" screen is just huge (in size and weight) and isn't really suited for portables. On the bright side, it comes with a 14.8V 2200mA battery (not much but I can add it onto my main battery for a 2200mA boost) and a serviceable charger, plus the RCA imputs will simplify the whole project.

I think I'll have to compromise and make it less of a "portable" and more of a "self-contained" console.

My main question is: since it already uses a lithium battery, I'm assuming it has a proper PCB so I won't need to order a new one, is that a safe assumption? Also, if anyone has experience with this screen, what can I remove to make it lighter (or hopefully, more power efficient)? I was going to rip out the TV tuner, but the way it's put in there, I think it'd be more trouble than it's worth.

edit: just now, I'm noticing that, in the user manual, it claims that it takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the (2200mA) battery. Does this pretty much mean that it would take forever to charge like a 6-7Amp battery? Or worse, that I might not even be able to get a full charge with it?

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Re: new headache (Haier 7" LCD)

Post by Blacksheep32 » Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:47 am

I will not be of much help, but I'm interested in purchasing one of these screens for my Odyssey 2 laptop mod. Interesting note on the power requirement, any way to mod/hack it down?

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