Hip Gear 5.4 screen problem

If you're making a portable you probably need something to watch it on. (Unless you want to guess what's happening in the game, but I wouldn't advise that) Anyway, this forum is your "Hacking a pocket TV/screen" one-stop solution. Share your experiences and knowledge here.

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Hip Gear 5.4 screen problem

Post by JenosaidoZombie » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:27 pm

Hi all, im new here and have just been given a hip gear 5.4 inch ps2 screen. the only problem is when i hook some something up to it i only get sound and a screen that goes from gray to black. Ive done quite a bit of searching in the forums but really didnt find anything. im a noob by the way but I figured since it was a free screen I might be able to use some help here to make it work. Here is a pic

Ive taken it apart already and can provide more pics if needed. thanks!!!

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