RF signal regioncoded?

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RF signal regioncoded?

Post by metrolf » Wed May 12, 2010 1:47 am

I just bought a Casio pocket tv of sorts (NTSC), i'll get some pictures later, but I'm working on a portable nes (NTSC) and I cant find any way of connecting composite to the screen so I tried to connect my n64p(PAL) with an rf converter (Bought in europe, probably PAL) and connected the plug on the screens antenna and I got a ridiculously poor image, mostly static, but I could wagely see the picture so it seems to be working a little... I was wondering back and forth how to get it working and I remembered that the tv was NTSC and my n64 is PAL and so is the RF converter (if it is regioncoded at all, wich I guess it is)

I've been looking at some datasheets and etc but im stuck atm.. I'll post some pictures of the screen later, I dont have it nearby right now...
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Re: RF signal regioncoded?

Post by tom61 » Wed May 12, 2010 10:17 am

Frequency tables (what channel is what frequency in MHz) varies from country to country, so that will interfere with things somewhat. I'm not sure if NTSC vs. PAL colorburst has any effect with RF modulators. The 50Hz vs. 60Hz issue of PAL vs. NTSC probably would interfere with the RF modulator working properly.

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