XBOX case mod

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XBOX case mod

Post by Harlequin » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:33 am

I recently was given a dead PS3, four port USB. I pulled the only two things worth anything out of it (hard drive and laser) and was about to trash the whole thing when a crazy idea came into my head.

I wonder if I could fit an original xbox into the PS3 Phat case?

I have checked the measurements and it looks like (in theory) it would be able to fit, with some create maneuvering. There are some mods and soldering that would need to be completed in order to make this work and I am hoping that someone could clear up a few things for me...

1. before I setup anything, I need to completely gut the ps3 obviously and "dry fit" a dead original xbox into it and see if it will in fact fit. Provided that it CAN fit, then i need to move on to the next step...

2. will I need to change the cooling? If so would the stock Ps3 cooler work? I am seriously doubting this, but it's worth the 30 seconds to check. If not, then probably some other stock VGA coolers that have been used for this type of project in the past. I figure that will free up some height for this.

3. Is there a guide on how to mod existing DVD drives into slot loading? I would really really hate to have to take the lazy way about this and cut the front of the PS3 and just glue it onto the xbox. I've seen people do slot loader before, but am not sure where i could find a guide, and how easy it would be to replicate it with the xbox...

4. soldering extension wires from the power leads to the xbox's power leads. Presumably this can be done since they are not going thru a transformer or power block prior to the outlet.. would it be possible to add a third wire in to take advantage of the ground and thus move the xbox from a floating ground to an actual ground?

5. re-working the PS3's USB to the xbox's controller ports. This should be relatively easy.

6. re-working the AV outlet to accept a PS AV plug - this might be tricky and/or impossible. Some sort of switch might be needed.

7. if space permits, working in a component to HDMI converter internally, and wiring the HDMI from that to the existing HDMI port of the ps3 (optional)

8. wiring in the kill switch for the power supply.. could alternatively be re-purposed for an AV switch.

9. putting in a IDE to SATA converter, wiring it into the SATA connector for the Hard drive.

10. Wiring in the LAN

11. if space provides and they are able to be found, a wired to wireless adapter.. i know people used to put them into their xbox to get wireless on it. For me it wouldnt be required, so maybe just drop it altogether.

12. Figure out a way to use the pre-existing screw points to keep everything together..

any thoughts?

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Re: XBOX case mod

Post by ttsgeb » Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:04 pm

An xbox motherboard is approx 8*9*2 inches, you shouldn't have problems fitting it in there. The PSU is about 8*2.5*2 The two together will probably fill the footprint of the PS3. If you keep the slot loading thing going, you may run into problems getting everything to line up right, though.

After having modded an xbox drive to be top loading, I can say that it probably isn't worth the effort to do slot loading.
It is far easier to install a larger drive and a modchip in an xbox than it is to mod a DVD drive
That said, I understand why you would want to do this.
There aren't really any guides out there for it, though. RDC combined a 360 drive and an iMac drive to get slot loading. You could probably get a slotloading drive from a laptop and convert it if you wanted something smaller.
A car's stereo unit could also be a good candidate.

As far as cooling goes, I don't think you should run into many problems as long as you pay attention to airflow.

If you really want the xbox's wireless bridge, I have one laying about. Send me a PM and we can discuss a sale.

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Re: XBOX case mod

Post by Harlequin » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:19 am

yeah in re: the slot loader I was thinking that there are a couple of ways to go about doing it. Probably the easiest way would be to track down an iMac or other front loader DVD drive, pray that it is IDE, and then find the magic signals and tag TR_IN, TR_OUT, D_RDY, and EJECT and wire them along with power into the connector. That would unfortunately result in two things - a louder drive (every PC drive I have converted has been really loud) and an inability to play original games..

This would definitely be a mod job, probably TSOP for the sake of making things tight and easy. The idea of being able to keep the 2.5in SATA HDD and keep it in the current location is both appealing and honestly probably fairly ambitious, but would definitely be worth it in the long run.

I'd ideally (presuming I can find time to do any of this) like to have every aspect of it working in the same capacity as the PS3 minus Blu-ray, and whether it has wifi or not I don't care about really. Ive been scratching my head around getting the touch inputs for eject and power to work. Maybe once it is all done I could look into getting a different style interface to fake the look of the PS3.. but that is jumping ahead quite a bit. First I'll have to gut them both and see how everything lines up, figure out how to put the applicable risers in and ensure that the case can close.. then figure out how to wire everything in so that it all works and have break away cables to make sure it is physically possible to disconnect it all and remove/replace things, and then figure out how to mount everything else inside and connect it all and then hope that it all works... and find time to do this all lol

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Re: XBOX case mod

Post by Harlequin » Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:01 am

well, I gutted the PS3 and am a little concerned about the size factor. The PS3 "seems" to be about the right size, but there are some significant reduction in size with the shaping of the front end of the beast. At this point I am not sure whether it would be wise to look into mounting everything onto the bottom of the case, or if I should hack up the metal plate and mount it facing downward, keeping it in similar style to the original layout of the PS3.

On the one hand things would be more accessible, while on the other hand if I could under mount everything I might actually be able to add in the massive fan of the PS3 and utilize that to keep the whole thing cooler. I would rather have a bigger/quieter fan pushing the air thru than have two or three 60 mm fans doing the same thing and making a whine sound or not pushing the air.

I think I will probably end up carving out the AV, optical, HDMI, and LAN ports from the PS3 motherboard and then soldering directly to them with break away cables of some sort. Maybe I could glue on some VGA connectors onto the PCB and solder the wires directly onto the connectors, so that the Xbox mobo can still be removed in the future without having to re-solder everything.

unfortunately the dead xbox is unfound at the moment. Need to dig around for it, maybe I tossed it. Not sure. before I jump too far ahead I need to figure out if the mobo will fit in the first place, then look at dropping the height to give more room for the everything that gets stuffed in, then figure out spacing for the HDD and find a solution for the DVD drive, and figure out how to get the touch power/eject to work.

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