how to overclock ps2?

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how to overclock ps2?

Post by xxxeagle » Mon Sep 27, 2004 4:59 pm

Does anyone know any good websites with info on how to overclock the ps2. Im gettin my aunts ps2 soon so now i have two ps2s one to keep and not mess up and one to mod.

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Post by Sparkfist » Mon Sep 27, 2004 5:13 pm

Not a clue, but considering the processing power the PS2 has over clocking will give little inf any noticable results. If you're deturmened to do it though would be the place to start. Thats were I found the links to overclocking the PS(X), Dreamcasr, and that place that sells overclocked NES and Genesis.
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Re: how to overclock ps2?

Post by stevetamis » Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:59 am

Hello! Here is an article I wrote a while back about my experience overclocking the PS2. I get TONS of questions from people asking me to overclock the PS2. Enjoy!
If you own a Playstation 2, i'm *positive* you have experienced extreme amounts of slowdown at one point or another. Well being the overclocking type that I am, I had to take a crack at this.

Examining the board, I noticed several crystals (about 8 or 9) on the motherboard providing different clock signals for different functions, but one stood out to me that was right next to the CPU: ~18 MHz. This oscillator is not labelled and the speed was determined by probing the signal with an oscilloscope.

The PS2's CPU runs at 294 MHz, with the GPU operating at exactly half this speed. My fear was that the GPU and CPU would share the same clock signal, but I had to test this to confirm it.

18 x 16 = 294. This was too much of a coincidence for me to pass up, it was time to heat up the soldering iron and pull out a 21 MHz crystal for installation.

After desoldering the original 18 MHz crystal and installing a 21 MHz crystal I reassembled the PS2 and turned it on. My fears were confirmed; the GPU and CPU were both running overclocked; with the CPU running at
343 MHz and the GPU running at 171 MHz. Overclocking the GPU causes the screen to roll, since it it outputting a fequency greater than 60Hz which most TVs cant handle.

Turns out the PS2 is impossible to overclock without causing problems with most standard TVs. The GPU takes the 18 MHz signal, multiplies it by 8 internally, and outputs the signal to the CPU. The CPU takes the GPUs internal clock speed and multiplies it by 2 internally, resulting in a 294 MHz clock speed. It wasn't successful, but I thought some of you might be curious. Cheers!

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