My first portable is a PS2 (In the Planning Phase) Advice?

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My first portable is a PS2 (In the Planning Phase) Advice?

Post by Smcelr2 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:43 pm

I know that the community would suggest starting with something simpler, or cheaper if I mess up, but seeing how I already have the ps2 and don't have a job or easy access to any older systems, I figured I'd jump right in.

This project will be progressing slowly for quite a while, seeing as how I'm job hunting, lost my soldering iron in moving out after college, and have no real access to a workshop of any standing. So for now I am simply planning and learning. I am also taking the components I have and think I'll be using, 3D CAD modeling them in SolidWorks and planning the general layout to determine how I will case this project. I'm purely in the design phase of the project, and it's early on in that phase.

So let's start with what I do have:

Sony PS2 Mo# SCPH-30001 R (a fatboy PS2 with what I believe to be a Rev. 5 MoBo, pictures below if someone could confirm that for me)

The screen and speakers pulled from a Kawasaki PVS10921 portable dvd player (it didn't have an external input but the control board does have channels (nodes? what should I call them) for rgb or composite video input)

I have yet to get a controller (I know to look for the later version sony ps2 controller, read that it's easier to mod, however I do have a hacked up rock band drumset usb controller that I could at least practice on/get the feel for)

No idea what I'm going to do for batteries or what I need for power and what not.

I was wondering if there is any trimming of the mobo or other components of the PS2 I could do. Also are there any ports that I shouldn't desolder and remove from the mobo? I plan on removing the digital and A/V ports for sure and believe I could also remove the usb ports (to at least relocate if not completely forgo). Also for this MoBo, which pins of the A/V port are for rgb and whatnot (I'm not sure if the layout is the same since the traces look different from pics I've seen online)

What else should I be looking into and learning? Is there access to an all inclusive guide to the essentials of a PS2p?

Thank you for any help

(Sorry for the crappy quality, I only have access to my phone camera right now)
Here's the A/V pin layout on the Mobo:

Here's the Mobo:

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