Ps2 Controllers are a bee otch, help appreciated

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Ps2 Controllers are a bee otch, help appreciated

Post by toby dawg » Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:29 pm

Has anyone had issues using a Ps2 controller in there portable? Do they seem to fry easy? Is there a known component that Fails? I know my controller was working today i had it hooked up correctly. It worked. I did not try to split it I actually changed my desighn to a portrait case so i wouldnt have to. But i did have to rewire the shoulder buttons to put them on the back of the case. I did so and booted gta sa. My analog stick works, the start button works but after that no other buttons would. So i disconnected the shoulder buttons i had tried to relocate, the controller is totally unmodified. I made sure there were no contacts stuck together anywhere where they shouldnt be and still im not getting anything here. So frusterated. Any help is appreciated. Also if someone knows a link to a full pinout that would be awsome, I DID try to search for like half an hour and cant find a damn thing thats usefull.

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