SNES Power Question

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SNES Power Question

Post by rcullan » Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:34 am

Before I screw something up I wanted to ask the community to double check my work. I am currently re purposing an SNES and am having problem finding a detailed mother board schematic. There is controller and A/V pin out information all over the web but very little on the proper point to connect +5V to the SNES motherboard.

My question relates to the picture of my SNES motherboard below. Pins 1, 2 and 3 are the previous location of the voltage regulator. I believe Pin #1 is the location to input +5V to the unit and Pin #2 is the ground. That would mean that Pin #3 would be the +10V supplied by the SNES wall adapter. I think this is correct and I just want to be sure.

Here is a picture of the motherboard:

Now I also have 2 follow up questions.

#2. Can anyone link to a good overall schematic of the SNES motherboard I can use for reference as I solder everything together?
#3. I also labeled Pins 4 through 7 where the RF out and channel selector were on the motherboard. What is the pinout for these?

Any help is greatly appreciated
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