Double Positive Coin Cell Holder For Sega CD?

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Double Positive Coin Cell Holder For Sega CD?

Post by zakurowrath » Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:53 pm

Well I've started replacement projects with any console that has a back up battery for save game or a clock. Pretty much I want to put in coin cell holders so that when the battery dies I can easily plop it out and put in a fresh one.

So I thought why not start with the Sega CD since the battery has already exploded. I wanna replace it with a 20mm ML2032 coin cell holder but I can't seem to find any that have double positive terminals that are spaced 12mm apart. Any one know where I could get one?

EDIT: Looks like there's no such thing, but as long as I find a coin cell holder with double positives it shouldn't be too hard to just attach some wire to the points. I'll post pictures when I get done with it :)

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