Svideo wiring help

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Svideo wiring help

Post by CyFus » Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:47 pm

I have a memorex iflip screen I tore apart, inside the only input was an iPod connector. I mapped out the pins and compared it to pinouts concluding that it contained svideo, stereo, 12vdc and an iPod serial. After soldering the lines for audio/video and ground to the n64 I cannot get any display or sound. I was very careful not to mix up the connections.

The n64 is working, it display on another tv and the ipod player works with an iPod. I still cannot get it to work with the n64

Are both grounds supposed to be used or just one? I only have one ground coming from the iPod cable and two return paths for the 12V iPod power


Nevermind i figured it out, the video wires were reversed. Please delete this

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