resistors for pth8000

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resistors for pth8000

Post by wesley_76_2 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:22 pm

so i should have asked this question earlier as my pth8000 just Fried.

im pretty new to this all and learning from my mistakes atm :)
i hooked up the pth8000 EXACTLY like on the pictures.

i used a 16v 100UF capicitator.

i was doubt about the Resistor.
so a friend of mine (who is in electronics apperntly -.-) brought my a Resistor which he tought would do the job.
i looked it up and this is it : ... KU=9503846

is this Resistor the Reason my Pth8000 burned ? also i noticed it was only punching out 1v +- before it started smoking lol

ive ordered other ones from ebay. ... K:MEWNX:IT
can anyone Confirm this is the right one ?if not can you piont me to a good resistor ?

PS im using a 7,2v nihm 4300mah battery (waiting for my li-ion)

Thanks for the help.. im gonna order a new Pth8000 and try again.
with the info im hoping to aquire here.

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