Doctor V64 CIC Information/assistance request

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Doctor V64 CIC Information/assistance request

Post by blaze3927 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:31 am

I recently purchased a doctor V64 (A later revision of the first, uses cd's), and it works great, It has one ram chip in it but I assume its one 256Mbit chips as the loading process for 256mbit games goes without a hitch.
I can manage to get the standard Pal and some USA games to work, however im having trouble loading games with the different cic chips.
games with issues:
Super smash bros E 256mbit
Perfect Dark E 256mbit
Mario party E 256mbit

Im thinking because im using a pal console and most of my games are pal that it would be best not to try multi-region atm,
for the above games ive tried the below games as boot carts with no success:
Pokemon stadium
Legend of zelda OOT
F-zero X
F1 grand prix (standard 6102 equivalent/super mario 64)
mario tennis

games i have tried briefly with success
boot: f1 grand priz
mario kart E
goldeneye E

any assistance is greatly appreciated
Australian Kaillera server

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