problems running n64 and screen off wall power

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problems running n64 and screen off wall power

Post by devileyebrows42 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:12 am

I was working on my n64p yesterday and im really close to finishing it. Just need to spray paint the case, put in the electronics and im done.
However i encountered a problem when trying to run the system and the zenith screen off of wall didnt work. i was using a psone wall adapter (the higher amperage one to run the screen and the system), I know that my wiring was correct because i then connected it to my battery (Sony infolithium L f-970) and everything worked fine except for the zenith screen backlight (I assume its fried for some reason). why didnt my adapter work? does it matter which pin on the power jack i connect negative to cause if it does that could have been my problem. how can i make this work?

i also need another psone/zenith screen backlight. If anyone has done the led mod or has a broken screen lying around, i would like to buy one of them, several would be nice. i posted this in the trading post section as well.
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