Retro Duo audio help!

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Retro Duo audio help!

Post by Trstn18 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:34 pm

Hey guys! new to the group, just had a few questions you may be able to answer : ) I found that the retro duo didn't play NES games nearly as well as my Gen-X player, so I naturally saw an opportunity to mod up the retro duo and try to make the smallest SNES portable I could. Here is my ONLY problem with the whole project. I successfully removed the NES portion of the player and traced the leads from that board etc etc. so I'm still getting full video, power, and audio, however... The LED power indicator for the SNES portion isn't working properly, and when I test it it reads as being AC instead of DC like it did before. The worst of the problems is that the audio has a low annoying buzz that refuses to go away. I really don't mind the LED as there are several other places I could hook one up, but maybe it's related to the buzzing somehow? Whenever I touch the LED connection with my finger, the buzzing dies down a bit. I've gone through with my continuity tester and still can't find the problem. If anyone could help me find out what the problem is I would be very appreciative!

Second, does anyone want the Pinout of the retro? I would be happy to post it if other people are interested, might save you quite a bit of time : )


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Life of Brian
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Post by Life of Brian » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:42 pm

Hmm, buzzing in the audio... I seem to remember from other electronics projects that it might be due to something about the ground connections. I guess you're still powering it off of wall power at this stage?

Welcome to the forums! It makes me happy to see people's first post be about a project they're working on. That's the best kind!

Edit: Hook us up with the pinout! I ordered a Retro Duo a couple of days ago so I'll be cracking it open before too long. That's the sort of info that gets put into the stickies!
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Post by Trstn18 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:21 pm

thanks for making me feel so welcome! It makes me feel warm to converse with other hackers out there! The pinout is as follows: with the controller ports facing towards you and the cartridge connector facing up, in the back left hand corner of the SNES board there are seven connections.

*pin one is labeled as ground, but when I traced it it registered as +5 volts (and my setup works with that configuration.)*

okay, so figuring out some faulty labeling on the motherboard...

Back left corner connections:

3=Left audio
6=Right audio
7=Composite Video

I payed no attention to the 10 connections on the top right side of the board as that has to do with the NES pins, and I removed that permanently, but my friend has confirmed that [i]is[/i] labeled correctly.

For the Front 12 Pinouts I can only give you the color coded controller matchup, but as you only connect controllers to this port that should be just fine.

The wire colors in the Retro Duo controller are yellow, red, blue, white, and brown.

1= not used
2= not used
3= Player 1&2 Yellow
4= Player 1 Red
5= Player 1 Blue
6= Player 1&2 White
7= Player 2 Blue
8= Player 1&2 Yellow
9= Player 2 Red
10= Player 1&2 Brown
11= not used
12= not used
*note* there is a capacitor in the center of the controller board. Remove this capacitor and solder it between connections 10 & 6 (that is if you are intending to remove this board)

This setup works perfectly for me (aside from the audio)

hope this helps! : )

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