Joystick mod woos...

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Joystick mod woos...

Post by csurban » Tue Jun 26, 2007 1:58 pm

Ok. I am trying to do the Joystick replacement mod as mentioned here; ... highlight=
But when using the exact same Third Party N64 Controller as Electric Rain used, and the C Joystick from a Nintendo Gamecube Controller, I find that the N64 controller MOBO has the pins VX1, VY1, VC1, VD1, and VG1 for the Joystick.

Upon looking at the Third Party N64 joystick, I find that VX1 and VY1 are the power pins, VC1 and VD1 go to the chip (i.e. the middle pin on the potentiometer), and VG1 is ground for both axis.

BUT!!! NO MATTER HOW I WIRE IT TO THE C JOYSTICK! I can only move diagonally from the bottom left to the top right of the screen. It would seem as though a push on either axis potentiometer activates both axis potentiometers.

THEN! I noticed that the POWER pins were separated on the Third Party N64 Controller MOBO but are wired together as one on the Gamecube Joystick so as the GC Joystick has one common power and one common ground whilst the N64 Joystick has separate powers.

I'm sorry if I am rambling too much but can someone verify or disprove my observations? I'm at my wits end and Electric Rains post is to vague to help. :cry:
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Post by codeman » Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:37 pm

Well you're lucky, because I actually brought home my joystick from work today so I can tell you how to hook it up!

If you're holding the gamecube C-stick so that the writing is upside down, looking at the joystick side of the board (not the side with the solder points)
Now, take a marker and on the left side of the "peninsula" thingy, write from top to bottom:

Now on the bottom of the board, each solder point corresponds to what you wrote down on the other side of the board, Pin 4 is Red, 3 is Yellow, 2 is Green and 1 is Black.

It doesn't matter which red wire you use, they're both just a 3.3v source.
Try that, it worked for me
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