Presenting.... The L64! (L337-N64)

Includes but not limited to: SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Game Gear and I guess the Virtual Boy.

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Post by khaag » Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:22 pm

Gangsta Pigeon wrote:
WiiPlay wrote:im a noob :oops: :roll: and i really would like to know the instructions in order to make this. or send me a website on it. please
Thats a tad off topic, but oh well. Theres an excellent guide made by daguuy here. It's fairly n00b-friendly, but I wouldn't recommend it as your first portable. I'd recommend doing a search next time. But the guide is good, I'm using it to make my N64p. If you meant is there a website on how to make the L64 specifically (like the case and all), theres no instructions to do that.
You wouldn't reccomend this as your first portable? Last time I checked, you havn't made a 1st portable yet either... :roll:

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Post by jleemero » Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:07 pm

Definitely the nicest N64 portable I have EVER seen...

Seriously great job.


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Post by Triton » Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:28 pm

I, Triton would personally not recommend the N64 as anybodys first portable!

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Post by ShockSlayer » Thu Mar 01, 2007 2:37 pm

Triton wrote:I, Triton would personally not recommend the N64 as anybodys first portable!
Thats why I'm doing it! :lol:

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Post by Metal Mario » Sat Jul 28, 2007 9:39 am

Gotta love the L64. :D

N64 is my first portable, by the way.

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Post by Twisted Warthog » Sat Jul 28, 2007 11:35 am

Ok I'm going to say this once but seriously man stop making posts in old threads. Its really annoying.

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Post by bacteria » Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:54 pm

Twisted Warthog wrote:Ok I'm going to say this once but seriously man stop making posts in old threads. Its really annoying.
Yes Metal Mario; please stop! It is spam, and trivialises the forum.

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Post by jeroen » Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:43 am

Ya. Stop it. You see your posts serve no purpose.

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Post by Black-Ops » Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:08 pm

NICE! That is an amazing N64 Portable! I love the case design! It looks like a GBA, but better!

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Post by GoldenfrankO » Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:21 pm

Thats really amazing. I'd love to own one of these. I'd buy it from you. If you want to sell it pm me.

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Post by LoyalistRevolt » Sat May 10, 2008 10:05 am

How did you make that case?
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Post by nc » Sat May 10, 2008 11:48 am

LoyalistRevolt wrote:How did you make that case?
First post , first paragraph:
custom vacuum-formed case by moi!

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Freakin Sweet!!!!!

Post by rikitheshadow » Sat May 10, 2008 8:37 pm

I, would kill someone for that case, or one similiar! Seriously, I would love to pay you if you could make me a shell just like that!!!

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Post by Shulleoghedd » Mon May 12, 2008 7:15 am

Oo-kay, I know it's been a while since you posted this first, but anyway...

How much do I have to pay to get one f those?
I mean
Can you make one more of those?
How much will it cost then?

Let's talk about business. =D

No, seriously, how much?

Air Norv
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Post by Air Norv » Tue May 27, 2008 10:49 am

Simply amazing. Maybe the best portable I have seen. How does it feel in your hands?

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