Grey screen caused by noob lockout chip pin removal?

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Grey screen caused by noob lockout chip pin removal?

Post by MichelMoermans » Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:42 pm

Hey guys,

So I got myself another nes to fiddle with (came with no cables for 9 dollars) but when I turned it on I noticed it was blinking plus producing no picture whatsoever. So I decided to open her up and try for the first time to remove pin 4 from the lockout chip. (I also noticed that the previous owner had removed the RF shielding on top but did nothing else on first sight) After a lot of prying I got pin 4 off but while doing that I accidently scratched another pin plus the board with my screwdriver. Now the line on the board doesn't cross two streams so I think I'm safe on that and the scratch on the other pin doesn't disrupt anything.

But when trying it for the first time I got the grey screen but my led was red. After some fiddeling with the cartdridge I got my game to work. But most of my other games don't work at all (those which work seem to fit in better then those that don't work...).

So now I was wondering is it just the pinconnector and should I buy a new one (or just bend the pins back the right way) or did I screw something up with the lockout chip? (plus should the console still be working if I screwed something up?)

This is by far the biggest noob question I ever asked and research learned me that it's probably the pins and has nothing to do with my lockout chip meddeling but I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks in advance guys,


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