Stereo mod - which method?

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Re: Stereo mod - which method?

Post by Live_Steam_Mad » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:08 pm

HunterZ wrote:It sounded like maybe you were building two amplifier circuits (one for each channel) based on the original NES amplifier circuit design, instead of leaving the original one on the board intact to handle one of the two channels and then building a second for the second channel?
Oh LOL I see. Well, yes I am building two amplifier circuits, one for each of the 2 CPU sound channels, and yes they are based on the original NES audio amplifier design that goes through the NES RF box.

I wanted to leave the original one in the RF box untouched since I wanted to be able to get just mono sound through that one convenient mono jack that is already there, incase I wanted to use that sometime LOL.

I know it's extra work but I also wanted to construct the Kevtris circuit and see if it actually worked since it intrigued me using the hex inverter as an audio amp.

BTW there is no overmodulation distortion with this circuit, the audio sounds great through headphones.


Alistair G.

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