NEs Controller to Rs232 port/USB

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Re: NEs Controller to Rs232 port/USB

Post by Dark-Aries » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:24 pm

I think since this my thread, and I'm actually working on my NES PC right now, and I have enough soldering experience now to make a programmer (also I'm going to uni and chose a digital electronics course).

What's the best way to hook up the nes controller ports to USB. I wanna finish up the ports before my pcie-16x riser comes in my the video card. I'll make a thread about the pc later. Right now the questions.

AVR or PIC to connect the NES controllers to usb. The AVR one supports 2 controllers on one chip right? or no. Also which is cheaper.

does that price list given still apply if I go the AVR route, and that's for creating that small avr programmer that fits in a serial port right?

Once I'm done programming the nes controllers, what else can be made from avrs??

For Pic it's the same questions.

Thanks. Also my NES build has an i5 and a 5750 gfx card. Just for those wondering.

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