Slimming the older 360 a tiny bit.

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Slimming the older 360 a tiny bit.

Post by ttsgeb » Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:43 pm

So, in order to make the 360 begin to be feasible for even a large laptop, you kinda have to relocate quite a few caps. I figured, since you're taking them off anyway, why not put a smaller on in their places.

So, I found these: 10 NCC KZJ 6.3V 820UF LOW ESR Motherboard Capacitor

You need 15 per board

I grabbed enough for 2 360 boards.

I just got done with the first one, it works fine... pretty impressive considering this is the board that caught fire in my failed attempt at a reflow oven. :D
The biggest benefit to this is that they are 1cm tall, so the same as the width of the bigger caps. This way, you can still have the majority of the caps soldered directly to the board, and only have the 9 or so larger ones actually relocated. Less parts flopping around = less crap to mess up randomly.

Old VS New
Mid switch

*I actually had one still left to change, but who really cares?

I just got done testing, and crap turned on, so I guess I did things right.

Note: I didn't get these for any special project, so stop getting your hopes up. I got these because half of my old caps blew the copulate up when the mobo caught fire.
That's right, I still don't call crap dead, even after it was in copulate flames.

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