Hello all, and can I do it? (Ps3 "laptop")

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Hello all, and can I do it? (Ps3 "laptop")

Post by wezza7611 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:34 pm

Hello everyone, as I'm sure you'v already concluded, I'm brand new to these forums and obviously am considering dabbling in the forbidden art of console destruction and recreation. I notice you get these posts pretty frequently, so I'll try to be concise and realistic.

I am due to deploy to Afghanistan in just under a months time for a 6 month tour of duty with the British army. 6 months is a long time to sit around doing nothing, so i originally purchased myself a laptop with an emulator and a few Playstation games to occupy my time there. Unfortunately, it didn't take me long to realize this just wasnt going to cut it for 6 months of entertainment. It then occurred to me that I hadn't actually played my beloved PS3 for some time, having just upgraded my graphics card and always being a fan of PC gaming over console. So, I contemplated different ways to take my PS3 and some form of display over to Afghanistan, where it will inevitably get destroyed anyway. and then of course, I stumbled upon this website, in all its portable magical glory.

I'm aware that a portable PS3 is one of the more difficult tasks to complete. I'm also aware of my own capabilities and limitations, and I'm pretty sure that what is considered to be a Ps3 laptop by most is most probably beyond my current capabilities. My primary reason for creating one was simply that I owned one, and i no longer cared if i destroyed it. So I thought about it. What do I actually need? And my realization was that it need not be as in depth as the ones created by some of the folks here.

The only requirements my devices needs to meet are as follows:

It needs to be Reasonably small. And I mean small compared to a Television, not small compared to a Gameboy. In other words, it simply needs to be able to fit into my backpack, and allow a little room for some other military kit (apparently there's a war going on or something.)

It needs to utilize only one power socket, as power sources are pretty rare as is at the moment.

It needs to be reasonably durable.

To that end, my idea was to create what was simply a combination of a Small HDMI television with a PS3, rolled into one case. both requiring only simple modifications. a Direct connection into the pre-existing HDMI sockets rather than wiring my own screen would certainly simplify matters.
In effect, all I would be doing is creating a new case for the PS3 and TV.

And so, I present you with my plan.

Remove the insides of my once cherished PS3, housing it into a custom made case.

Strip down a small enough monitor (i was thinking of something like this: http://www.lilliputuk.com/monitors/hdmi/fa1011/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)

Connect the 2 together, concealing all the wiring into the case. Somehow.

Splice the power cords together.

Struggle to somehow connect an audio source.

Sit back and enjoy the fireworks (literally).

Now, as you have probably gathered by now, I have limited electrical expertise. Or, to rephrase that, I have limited safe and controlled, electrical expertise. So this is where you wonderful people step in. I graciously ask of you to identify the flaws in my plan, and hopefully prevent my premature death. Im pretty sure this idea wont work, or wont provide the desired results. If it did, then surely everybody would be doing it, right?

Anyway, your input is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!


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