Xbox Laptop cooling arrangement explanation.

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Xbox Laptop cooling arrangement explanation.

Post by ssmith43654 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:39 pm

Hi, I will explain how I did my cooling system for my xbox laptop. Any recomendations to make it better or how you have done it are welcome.

Ok The cooling system is very simply, but effective. It uses both pushing and pulling fans, whith airflow going out of the front and back of the laptop. This is how I hav arranged the cooling system fro my xbox laptop. I cut down the stock jasper heatsink so that it would fit into my laptop. I left the jasper heatsink without moddifying it (the one without a heatpipe and extra heatsink). I then installed them on the xbox normally. (With AS5 and x-clamp fix)

Then I built a custom fan duct out of foamex, that goes behind the gpu heatsink only, and then to 3 35mm fans at the rear, which are bllowing air out of the case (sucking it through the gpu). These 3 fans are connected the normal 12 fan plug, thus temp controlled. I then installed two 40mm 10mm thick slim fans ontop of the gpu, blowing air down onto it. These are connected to 12v. Then connect a slim sideway blowing fan from a normal laptop onto the top side of the cpu heatsink, this blows air across it. Connect it to a fan controller or 12v. This is going to be the loudest fan of them all.

This is the basic configuration of it, I have added a few more extra heatsinks with JB weld so I can decrease the speed of the cpu fan, making it queter. By having 2 fans blowing, and 3 sucking on the gpu, it will defintely keep it cool. I noticed the cpu heatink may get hot when under full load, so I have added another few ones onto it to keep it cool. Make sure there are plenty of vents, allowing air to exit the laptop. Also I spent ages making the gpu duct a tight fit as possible, so the 3 rear fans suck the air out well.

To see a little video of me explaining the inside of my xbox laptop, please go here:

Hope this helps! :lol:

Seb Smith
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