PS3 Laptop- too big?

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PS3 Laptop- too big?

Post by griehm » Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:56 pm

OK, so I'm well on my way into making my PS3 slim Laptop. looking to keep the thickness to a minimum, while still having a nice formed aluminum case. I figured the best way was to spead everything out, but I'm not too sure. Before I buy it, I was hoping for some input- Is a 23" LED display too big? I realize how big it will be but I'm not too sure how practical it will be, because I've never made a game system laptop before... :roll:

And with that space I was hoping to have some kind of a battery in there too- the display I'm looking at takes so little power it shouldn't be a problem getting at least a couple hours out of it. :roll:
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