UK Launch PS3 YLOD...

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UK Launch PS3 YLOD...

Post by paulpsomiadis » Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:34 pm

My 3.41 UK Launch PS3 just went YLOD...

And just on the Day I got a new 600GB HDD...RAGE!

Has anyone found a reliable BGA reballing service in the U.K.?

Failing that - a BGA reballing service in Europe...

(and NO - I do not want to do the heat gun fix!)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: UK Launch PS3 YLOD...

Post by ssmith43654 » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:12 pm

Hey, check this guy out,

Ian J. Christmas - e-mail him at

He does reballing of xbox 360 and ps3.
I gave him my xbox 360 to fix, and after a few days he said he couldnt fix it so he sold me a brand new xbox 360 for only £25!
The standard price for a reball is £50 for xbox or ps3
He takes hardly any time to do it and sends a courier to come and pick your console up and sends it back for free!

If you do get him to reball it then tell him Sebastian Smith ( who is making an xbox 360 laptop) told you about him and you might get a discount of the price!

He is by far the best, fastest, most reliable reball service in the UK

Hope this helped!

Seb Smith

(I know how you feel, i hated it when i got 3rrod on my xbox)
Never Give up; until you succeed...

Please take a look at my blog page, where I have built an xbox 360 Laptop -

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