Question about xbox 360

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Re: Question about xbox 360

Post by samjc3 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:41 pm

vskid wrote:
samjc3 wrote:incorrect, mah boi.
theres no need to step your 12vdc up to 125vac and back to 12vdc. just run it into a picoPSU (a PW-220-v would work) and wire that straight to the xbox. and there are monitors out there that use 12v in instead of 125vac. (hyvision is a brand that has several like that. hard to find, though). much more efficient.
That's why I added the part about a 12v regulator. :wink: A picoPSU probably wouldn't be ideal, I don't know if they can even output enough to the 12v line, at least the wide input ones. I'm sure I've seen just-over-12v to 12v regulators, but I can't remember where.
i have one that will work. i ran a jasper on it once. it got hot
but it worked
so the valhalla will definently work. :wink:
AfroLH wrote:
HotDog-Cart wrote: Also, the codename stuff adds a little bit of sexyness, in my eyes.
Yeah well Alcohol adds a little bit of sexyness in my eyes, but I dont drink it all the time. :wink:
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