Rename Files en masse in Windows. (Rename multiple at once.)

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Rename Files en masse in Windows. (Rename multiple at once.)

Post by HotDog-Cart » Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:07 pm

From: Hackaday ... n-windows/" onclick=";return false;

Tired of renaming folders and files, one by one? Then use this to do multiple at once!
Everybody hates it when they have to rename a fileset to fit a new naming scheme. Instead of doing it the hard way and writing a one-time script to go through and rename everything, check out Bulk Rename Utility from [Jim Willsher]. It provides you with a multitude of methods to take care of business and allows you do pick your favorite method, be it regular expressions, simple finding and replacing, prefix/suffix modification, or a combination of many more.

However, if the sheer amount of options available overwhelms you or if you just want an easier way to do things, check out A.F.5 from [Alex Fauland]. A.F.5 offers features like adding a counter to your filenames, change file attributes, and save your rename settings out to a file for repeat use.

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