Circle Pad ProXL

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Circle Pad ProXL

Post by Gannondorf929 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:17 pm

Are you like me? I sincerely hope not, because if you are, then you have gone through 3 3DS's due to theft and unfixable software malfunction, which ended with me buying a new 3DSXL. However, if you are, then you may be wondering a simple question: "Why the @#$% is Nintendo not making a Circle Pad pro for their new line of portables?!?"Well, as I have found out today, there is no software change in the new 3DSXL regarding infrared connection to the circle pad pro. This means that with a few simple hardware tweaks (dremeling off the tall edges of the pro as well as moving the infrared sensor) your unit will function perfectly with the circle pad pro. pics are below, and yes, I know my repairs are nowhere near aesthetically pleasing (duct tape usually isn't XD), someone out there who wants to design a whole new case for a 5$ piece of plastic can by all means go ahead and do so.
(I apologize for iPhone-quality pics)

the front of the pro

Works with MGS3D

The crap back

the back (with 3DSXL)

(really bad quality) Trigger works fine

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