About to start MVS portable.

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About to start MVS portable.

Post by threedog » Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:11 am

What's up community? I've got a lot of goodies on the way from a recent Ebay bender, and I'm looking to start a winter project. I am going to build a portable MVS. I already have an early model one-slot MVS, don't know exactly what model. It's ginormous, whatever it is. Successfully consolized it, enjoyed it immensely. Love the MVS, very easy to work on. So I ordered a MV-1B (the real little one with the "front loading" slot.) I think a top loading model like the MV-1C would have been better. I will almost definitely have to relocate the cart slot. Won't that be fun. How many pins do those things have? Eleventy-thousand? At any rate...

I'm sort of new to this stuff, but I'm certainly up to the challenge. I want to start being more of an asset to this community, so I figured a good way to showcase my skills (and lack thereof, as the case may be) would be to make a build thread of a decidedly involved project, and I'd sure like to know what sort of project y'all would like to see me complete. I have a PS1 screen on the way as well, so that will probably be used. I don't know if it's going to be a hand-held, a laptop/clamshell design, or something else entirely. Also very strongly considering grabbing a 13 inch Amiga monitor and using it to build a not so portable, but definitely "luggable" system. Whatever I build will have stereo sound, and will run on batteries. Not sure if that's practical with an old CRT monitor but if I decide to build with an Amiga monitor, I will certainly give it a shot!

Soooo... lots of rambling there. Let me hear from you guys! I want to build something that hasn't already been done a zillion times, so let me know which of these would be the most unique, interesting and relevant.

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Re: About to start MVS portable.

Post by jeffslot » Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:55 pm

MV1-C is probably the way to go. That is what Ben used for his portable, and also what I used for mine....

http://forums.benheck.com/viewtopic.php ... 81#p459981

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