PlayStation 1 LED Modding Assistance

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PlayStation 1 LED Modding Assistance

Post by fjspawn » Mon May 28, 2012 5:02 pm

I am very VERY new to case modding, and at this point I'm just simply designing my cases in a journal. I've been trying to look up some tutorials for adding LEDs to a PS1, but I've come up with nothing. I really really really REALLY need help figuring out the wiring, so I would be very grateful if one of you could help me out by sending me to a proper in depth tutorial, writing me a tutorial or just giving me a place to start with wiring, because I am too lost on this subject to be able to describe it.

A simpler way to help would be to show me the solder points to wire the LEDs to the power supply in the PS1. After doing a bit more research, that seems to be the most important aspect of all this.

If you plan to ask questions here, just ask intelligent questions like "what model of PS1 is it?". Refrain from stupid questions like "why are you adding LEDs to a PS1?" because I don't have to give you a reason anyway

Thanks to anyone who can help me, this $#!t is hard

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Re: PlayStation 1 LED Modding Assistance

Post by Haunted360 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:16 am

See" onclick=";return false; and head over to the Downloads.
Grab yourself the schematic you want, and find a 3.3 volt rail.

Essentially, you can wire it to the power LED.

Also, be very careful. If you're using the PS1, then you're playing with 110-240~AC (mains).
The PSone on the other hand, is okay as it is only 7.5 volts DC.

If you need more help, post something in the forums under PlayStation 1 > Hardware...

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