2012 Power Blaster (Don't even know where to start)

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2012 Power Blaster (Don't even know where to start)

Post by MAXOFLIFE » Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:53 pm

Okay, this is my first hack. I have a 2012 Power Blaster. I want to make it a portable device and I have no idea where to start. Here is a sad picture of the device (http://sacramento.craigslist.org/tag/2767542155.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;) I'm not the owner of that account its just the only place I could get a picture. This "console" has tons of old games and it would be an epic portable. Luckily this thing is already jam packed into the main controller. All I need to do is attach a screen to the top and have some sort of rechargeable power source. I know this isn't as easy as 1 2 3, and I don't know where to begin. So any help at all? Where can I get a screen? What kind of screen? What sizes would be a good choice? Where can I get a rechargeable power source? I don't know if this the right section of the forums but HELP? :?:

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Re: 2012 Power Blaster (Don't even know where to start)

Post by tom61 » Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:39 am

Look in the 1980's sub-forum, this is very likely a NOAC, and if not, the same principles apply.

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