Dreamcast/MAME Arcade Cabinet project

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Dreamcast/MAME Arcade Cabinet project

Post by JoycieEgg » Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:39 am

I'm going to start working on a project soon, to build an Arcade Cabinet and house a Dreamcast inside, possibly an old PC for MAME stuff also. Here's some images of just rough concept, it's give the idea of what I'm thinking.
I'll post some pictures of the cabinet once the wood is cut and I start building it.

This is the front plan for the cabinet, it will look more or less something like this.


The side view is pretty standard, it's just like most other MAME projects out there, so not really anything special.


This is what I'm thinking in terms of wiring this thing up. Now, I decided not to go for the "authentic" feel and instead of buying the controls and wiring it all up myself (as much fun as that would be) I'm going to create two small box holes to place Dreamcast Arcade sticks into. It'll fit nice and snug into there and that way I'll not only have some sticks I can take out without much trouble and use on my regular DC setup, I can also use them in this cabinet setup. Extension cables hidden behind the wood which the Arcade Sticks will connect to make it easy to hook everything up. It'll mainly be 2 Player + 1 Mouse and 1 Keyboard, so all 4 Dreamcast ports will be taken up by extension cables neatly placed along the cabinets insides.


As you can see I've added a trackball and keyboard, now, I'm going for a PS2 trackball and I'll use a splitter to get USB/PS2 out of it, so I can connect it to my PC that I'll house on the inside of the cabinet for MAME stuff and, I'm hoping it'll work with the Dreamcast if I use a PS2 converter (you can get those on eBay, they work for other PS2 mice so I'm assuming it'll work for the trackball, I hope anyway) and I'll do the same with the Keyboard (which is really simple).

I've got a few of the items on order already, extension cables, etc. So I'm just waiting for those to arrive and I'll have the wood I need to do this by around mid next week hopefully and I'll start cutting soon after. Will post pics when I can.

If anyone has any ideas they'd like to share or any tips etc please, I'd be more than greatful.
Hopefully my pictures aren't too hard to understand xD

Oh, and the Marquee will say "SEGA DREAMCAST" :3 just because it's cool.

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Dreamcast/MAME Arcade Cabinet project

Post by Jordan4762 » Mon May 21, 2012 9:12 pm

Awesome. I might just have to do one of these!
Too good to be true :D

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