Supaboy Repair - bad/wrong inductor

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Supaboy Repair - bad/wrong inductor

Post by Izlude » Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:10 pm

Hi guys it's been ages :o

Well I got a used supaboy (portable snes) in the mail yesterday. Tried it out and after 5 minutes of use, the games black out. It turns out the inductor is overheating. I'm not certain if the inductor itself is the problem or something else which causes it to overheat, nearly melting the supaboy's casing... What do you suppose is the problem? It happens with every game too.

If I were to get the inductor replaced, which one would I get? The circuit is not marked to tell, and the inductor coating was cut off just before it shows... °C VV Here's a photo." onclick=";return false;

I'm crossing my fingers that the folks here would know the exact piece I need to get (and possibly where, perhaps a website). Thanks, looking forward to solutions :(

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