Rusted motherboard/Crippled Cube

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Rusted motherboard/Crippled Cube

Post by Blargaman91 » Sat May 18, 2013 2:32 pm

My newest problem with the Gamecube has arisen, and it seems to be much different this time. My GameCube, on which I have done some kind of AlmostWTF hybrid cut, is working fine for me except for one strange problem: It takes multiple attempts to turn it on. Since before I even started cutting it, the board had trouble booting up. I would press the power switch once and it would fail to boot, then I would turn it off and turn it right back on. It would boot. Now, it's come to where I always must flip to switch on and off three times before it succeeds in booting at all. I only have one thing I can look to blame. When I received the motherboard (a PAL DOL-001, CPU-01) it was unbelievably corroded in some parts. This was mainly around the memory card area of the board and a little further down. The bottom of the motherboard was in perfect condition. Nothing much was corroded (like, blackened) that mattered except for one IC very close to the CPU and 4 transistors beside it. This IC's legs are all very rusted and corroded and I cannot get solder to bond with them. One legs is missing completely, fallen out of the IC. The four transistors (or whatever they are) beside it are all corroded, including one that fell off completely... I see this IC is mainly connected to the GPU with some components and seems to only have to do with serial ports 1 and/or 2. It is labeled:


I have no idea what this IC really is. I have one of these chips from another dead DOL-001 PAL board, but it is labeled 24K, D96D instead of 26K, AFK4. I need to know if it is at all compatible... I do have two more of these chips from DOL-101 NTSC-U boards, one labeled 41K and the other labeled completely differently. These seem to vary a whole lot from board to board. This may not be affecting my Cube at all, and I would like to remove it to clean up the area around if possible. But if this isn't the problem, what could be the cause of my Cube having such a hard time booting?

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