moving buttons?

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moving buttons?

Post by scotty0990 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:28 am

I want to put a GBA SP inside a DS Lite case. I have both devices and all, but I have some stupid questions:

1. how do i make the buttons work on the ds holes, not the gb ones?
2. also, can I run wires to use the DS's speakers instead of just one speaker?

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Re: moving buttons?

Post by Blargaman91 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:01 am

Well, things could be done a number of ways. It would be difficult and probably impractical to use the actual plastic buttons from the Gameboy. We know, of course, that the DS Lite plastic buttons fit best into the holes, so it's advised to use those. You could: 1) Put tact switched/push switches under the plastic DS buttons and wire them to the Gameboy's button, or 2) Cut out the parts of the DS board with the actual buttons on them, and mount them in the case. Then wire them to the Gameboy. Your DS would not survive if you choose the second option, but tact switches are generally kind of big and the first option might not work for you. There are small, flat tact switches of course. They exist. I just don't know exactly where to find them. As for the speakers, there should be no problem in wiring both speakers to the single output on the Gameboy. But I assume if you do that the sound for one speaker will be split apart and each speaker will receive half. There is a headphone jack on the DS Lite (if I remember correctly), and you could still use that jack. But after experimenting with adding a switching headphone jack to the Gameboy I think it should not be done. The sound blasting into your ears is somewhat horrific. It hurts.

I apologize for the long reply...

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