TurboBooster Plus one component unknown IC

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TurboBooster Plus one component unknown IC

Post by wilykat » Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:18 pm

One of my plan for portable system was CoreGrafx + region mod + decent LCD and with memory saves for some games.

Since there seems to be no information about TurboBooster (or CD system) save function, I went ahead and tried to take it apart. NEC used way too much older on the RF shield. I wasted over 6" of desoldering braid and still hadn't gotten the first tab free. So I dremel'd it off.

FL1 to FL4 are ferite core that seems in line with A/V out and power in.
LC1 to LC4 I'm not sure. Looks like ceramic caps but with 3 pins.
L1 and L2 are empty spot for 2 pins inductors

C1 0.10 F 5.5v (yes, 0.1 farad, not microfarad, for SRAM)
C2 to C7 is not found, no board printing
C8 1uF 50v electrolyte caps
C9 1uF 50v electrolyte caps
C10 1uF 50v electrolyte caps
C11 is not found
C12 is 10uF 16v electrolyte caps
C13 47uF 16v electrolyte caps
C14 47uF 16v electrolyte caps
C15 10uF 16v electrolyte caps
C16 470uF 16v electrolyte caps

D1 looks like geranium diode, probably a basic diode
ZD1 zener diode, unknown voltage

Q1 A733 PNP Epitaxial silicon transistor
Q2 C2785 NPN silicon transtor
Q3 A953 PNP transistor
Q4 C2785 NPN silicon transtor
Q5 C2785 NPN silicon transtor

1 resistor network 4.7K ohm (10 pins to 1 common), next to IC2 for pull up or down resistors.

IC1 D65008GFEO8 (propriety chip? I still can't find this chip, I get either send $ for datasheet, not in stock, etc no actual free datasheet or even name of it)
IC2 74HC245 octal bus 3 states (likely used to float data bus when memory chip is not needed to prevent bus interference)
IC3 2048x8 bit SRAM 10nS
IC4 C358C low power dual op amp (probably for the sound)


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Re: TurboBooster Plus one component unknown IC

Post by RDC » Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:08 am

L = Inductor, C = Capacitor, so those LC components are an Inductor/Capacitor network, most likely used as filters.

If there is no part number on the Zener Diode, you can check it's voltage with a Resistor and a variable power supply.

The uPD65000 series of chips are Gate Array ICs. While there's no specific info on the 65008, it's also most likely in this family, but since that IC is designed to be designed in different layouts, it's almost impossible to tell exactly what it's doing in there. You'd need to schematic out the whole board to get a better idea of what it's doing in there, though it's main function is most likely the controller IC for the whole thing.
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