Something weird with video files

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Something weird with video files

Post by resecnded x » Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:09 pm

Usually when one views a(n) icon/video file on their computer, they see that video file has an icon with a single random still of that video they have

Now for me, for some reason, my video files are losing those icon stills and reverting to the vlc media player icon (which I choose for all video files I play on my computer) and I only use Windows Media Player for music

My codec pack (I use the shark007 vista codec pack btw, only because it has ffdshow packaged with it and it stopped those annoying popup messages saying "ffdshow is needed, blah blah blah") seems to be fine, but I have no idea if the problem here is because of it

Got any tips?

...........on a better note, at least its shorter than my Defrag topic eh?
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