Fixing a damaged connector on a PC video card

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Fixing a damaged connector on a PC video card

Post by impossiblescissors » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:36 pm

Hello all,

I just bought a used AGP video card on eBay, trying to upgrade an old PC for my HTPC setup. The PC power supply is tripping when I try to turn it on with this new video card. Lo and behold, I discovered a damaged pin on the connector. A tiny piece in the middle of the pin is missing, and the pin is starting to peel upward.

Question: would it be possible to repair the damaged pin and get this card working again? If so, what technique would be easiest?

I can e-mail a photo of the damage if anybody is able to help. Board won't let me post one due to upload quota.

Thanks in advance!

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