Lens for Digital Clock - 7 segment display diffuser

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Lens for Digital Clock - 7 segment display diffuser

Post by thesavo » Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:50 pm

Please ignore the brevity, as this is my 2nd post. Lesson Learned. Post topic, then edit.

I am modding a digital wall clock to switch the display from 12-hour to 24-hour and I feel the numbers on the 7-segment displays are washed out.

I was thinking about using nite-shade to car tail lenses or automotive tint. What are your thoughts?
The example below is a bit extreme as it was shot facing up with the ceiling light on.

This is the best discussion i could find, and the links provided in side are poor at best.
http://forums.parallax.com/showthread.p ... nt-display


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